Meet the team

GoblinWare is comprised of some seriously talented people.
We're a small, independent game development squad with a penchant for greatness.

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Tristan C. Robinson, Esq.

Co-Founder, Producer, Legal

This guy is an absolute stud. He makes sure we get everything done. Without him, we'd be beside ourselves. Super necessary part of the team.



This INTP guy is paralyzed by deep thought, but if you can get him to do anything, he's generally expert to a fault.

Elijah Sparshott

Character artist

Elijah is concepts, models, and generally does it all when it comes to character artwork. In fact, we have no doubt he's probably one of the people you're attempting to steal from our team.

Tracie Callahan

Music, Compositions, etc.

A veteran, who has been in the business of writing and publishing music since 1991, we are glad to have her writing the scores. Oh, she also wanted us to plug her upcoming musical, "Better Than Fine".

Jac Rossiter

Environment Artist

Jac is a wizard with the scene. We ask, and he takes environments to whole other levels. This British treasure was a hell of a find.